Golf Day Services

Q - How do you make mediocre, average golf entertaining?

A - With a couple of cameras, a keen eye, and years of experience.

Corporate golf day

We understand corporate golf, whether you are rewarding your staff, incentivising your clients, or thanking your customers.We Film Golf will make stars of your guests and leave them with lasting memories of your organisation’s golf day.

Our corporate golf day service provides a great finale to any corporate or charity golf day, leaving your guests laughing for a long time afterwards. Our team will capture the highlights, lowlights, misdemeanours and (very) occasional moments of brilliance that can happen on the course throughout the day. The discretion of our cameramen means that many of your guests may not even realise that their performance has been captured.

Whilst tournament coverage continues outdoors, our editors are hard at work throughout the day creating the hilarious after dinner highlights show with personalised commentary. It’s impossible not to enjoy having a laugh at yourself and others who’ve taken part in the day when watching the action on the big screen. With no need for additional evening entertainment at your event, we think that this service is hard to beat. As well as the show itself, you may also wish to provide your guests with a DVD/USB or downloadable copy of the highlights show.

For golf days that are not having an evening meal or entertainment programme, we are able to produce the same style of personalised show securely online for you. We will provide you with an electronic link to email to your guests, so that they can download the film to share with colleagues, friends and family instantly. This is a great way to ensure that the legacy of your golf day lasts longer than a few days!

Charity golf days 

We already support Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres, The Beatson Oncology Unit, Action for Children and Nordoff Robbins charity golf days throughout the year, by providing our corporate golf day service at a reduced rate. This ensures that more of the funds raised through the golf day, go directly to these outstanding causes. By making the guests and donors attending the golf day feel like stars for a day, we are supporting the charities to ensure that their guests feel valued. We often find that our highlights show is highly anticipated at these events, with many of the guests returning year after year excited to see who will be captured on film during the course of the day.

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We have been fortunate to film some truly memorable moments during more than 15 years of providing the ultimate after dinner entertainment at golf days of all sizes, but the climax to the first clip below really does stand out.